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Anouncing the annual Pastimes auditions!

EDIT: The phone # originally listed was incorrect. The correct number is now listed.

Pastimes Entertainment will be holding open auditions for both their corporate and theatrical casts on Sunday April 5 at the Gloucester House in Gloucester, Mass.

Auditions will be held from 10 a.m. until 5 PM and by appointment only.

Pastimes is seeking friendly, professional, high-energy performers for their theatrical ensemble casts for the New England Pirate Faire and other planned staged shows for the 2009 season. These shows combine scripted plot-based scenes with improvised audience interaction (“street theater”) to create a unique and engaging form of theater.

Pastimes Entertainment’s corporate cast provides unique and dynamic performers for corporate and private events, themed dinners, and much more. Pastimes works with the northeast’s top event planners and venues to produce events running the gamut from costumed “interactors” for cocktail receptions to full productions with custom-designed scripts, music, and dancing.

Pastimes is seeking flexible, creative performers of all ages and disciplines with strong interactive, improvisational, and comedic skills. Pastimes is particularly interested in strong male hero and ingénue types, as well as female ingénues and character actresses. We also seek actors of color and diverse ethnicity.

In addition to principal cast performers, Pastimes is seeking unique and unusual variety acts for use in its corporate and theatrical casts, including period musicians (Middle Ages through Colonial America and beyond), magicians, jugglers, dancers, sword-swallowers, jesters, acrobats, and more.

All ages and all skill levels are welcome to audition. Headshots and résumés are recommended but not required. Actors auditioning for corporate work or cast roles should prepare no more than two brief monologues. Individuals or groups auditioning as a variety act should prepare a five-minute presentation.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact Executive Director Paul Stickney at cardinalcs@aol.com or call the Pastimes office at 781-233-8081.

Pastimes Interactive is a family-owned independent theater company. Pastimes’ corporate division provides interactive performers for private functions and educational youth programs, while Pastimes’ theatrical division produces family-friendly stage plays and Renaissance faire-style shows.
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